The story of the LYL brand was born from a meeting between two Belgian designers, the fashion designer Layal Assakereh and Yves Ullens, a fine art photographer. Two sensitive personalities gathered by their passion for fashion and art.

LYL scarves collection consists of seven silk models created from Yves Ullens’ original photographs. Each scarf reflects a particular emotion associated with the image and the name of a goddess of Greek mythology. The idea is to make of each woman who wears a headscarf, a goddess of modern times. The scarves are made in Italy, in a craft workshop that respects a know-how corresponding to the quality image desired by the brand. Each model is limited to twenty-nine copies carefully packed in a custom box, accompanied by a presentation booklet and a small signed and numbered original print.

Two Twillys, one long and one short, were created on the basis of one of the scarves.

LYL is the start of a new collection with pure, elegant and colourful lines aiming to return to the very essence of the garment. The collection of scarves is the first step of a project that will evolve into a line of chic women’s clothing. To be continued…


The LYL logo consists of the letter association of the two designers, Yves & LaYaL..
It reflects the features of the scarves:
- sleek lines
- beauty
- elegance
- style
It is inspired by the elegance, the lines and the harmony of proportions of the Greek temples.


Responsible publishers : Yves ULLENS, Layal ASSAKEREH

Texts : Bernard DRION, Caroline BOUCHARD 

Graphic Design : STUDIO 77

Photos Copyright : Yves ULLENS, Azeem NISAR, Pascal DECONINCK

Backdrops : HARDY'S

Models : Morgane WALBRECQ, Alexia VAN DE VELDE, Maureen DE BOIS, Hugoline DE GREEF, Morena CESTARO, Orphée JOSEPH, Amal EL MALKI.

© LYL - Made in Belgium - 2019